Social Seniors

The ways to be a good neighbor for seniors are easy to do, and you do not need any money. You might not notice a lot of seniors in your neighborhood because they often live alone and are inside a lot. Most of the ways to be a good neighbor are about being friends with the seniors in your area. This goes a long way to making a neighborhood feel full and that no one is lonely.

A good way to be engaged with seniors is to say hello and talk to them when you see them outside. The stories you might hear could be very interesting, seniors have lived through a lot, but you are also giving them social interaction. Talking with seniors over time might also help you figure out other ways to engage with them. You can also consider volunteering at a local senior center or organization if you are able.

Seniors might also like to feel like they belong and are needed. If you garden, asking a nearby senior to help with small tasks is easy to do. If you are feeling more motivated, you could also offer to help a senior do their yard work with them. When you travel, you could ask a nearby senior to check on your house or gather your mail while you are gone. If they are able, maybe they would even watch your animals for you, or water your houseplants.

Transportation can be challenging for many seniors. Offering to travel with them is a great activity for both of you. Try to match the time you buy groceries or run errands with a nearby senior and go with them. You could do this same thing with activities like church service, brunch, day trips to a museum, or even walks at a park.

Engaging with seniors is important for having a full and vibrant neighborhood. Being friendly and active with seniors does not cost much money at all. Giving seniors a sense of purpose helps them feel self-empowered. When seniors have friends and can interact with their community everyone around benefits.

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