Conscious Uncoupling: The Brexit

Today is a day of reflection. Today is a day to wonder what will come about tomorrow and the day after. What exactly does the United Kingdom leaving the European Union mean? Why do so many say this is the dawn of a new era? There is a lot that will be told and learned in the time to come. Right now the shock is achingly real making it worrisome to ponder predictions, besides the overall worrisome that comes with predictions. However, one cannot feel there is something to worry about in all this. While it might not be understood, the economics might fly over our head, and the politics are muddy, something still feels ominous about this new relation in the UK.

The age of disparity should be yesterday, but it is not. One cannot stand very firm with the notion the UK does not carry an unequal amount of global influence. It is entirely accurate to say that a sovereign nation much like people will follow the leader is an oversimplification. However, in this case, the proverb might ring quite true. Should we even worry about the precedent this sets up with other countries in the EU? Does this apply to those countries that are not in a union similar to the UK but rather still possess an environment where influence could be burdensome?

The answer is yes; we should worry about this on all fronts because of the influence the UK carries and the painfully critical times at hand. Deciding against cooperation might just be the spark numerous other disgruntled countries need to close their doors. We live in times where cooperation is decreasing globally and misconceptions and doubt reign supreme. A global power like the UK should not set an example of going at it alone. Going ‘Rogue’ could have sinister causalities that we do not see coming.

The situation in Sub-Saharan Africa is grave. The Arab Nations are in constant conflict and represent an acid bath of ideologies. Terrorism is chronic and constitutes continuous modern warfare. The Russian ‘bear’ appears to be waking from hibernation and flexing its muscles. Sovereign debt crises might be just around the corner for many countries, including the UK. Asian nations are working tirelessly at raising their populations out of poverty. Natural disasters are ever present and entirely global in scope. Discrimination of countless minorities and refugees is on the rise (and might be at the root of the ‘Brexit’ in the first place). Countries following the lead and going at it alone could spell certain doom for countless issues around the world.

I would argue that we actually need the complete opposite of ‘Rogue,’ isolationist type behavior. Never before has there been a greater need for cooperation among nations. Never before have so many people desperately needed the help of developed countries, and it appears to be something that will continue to rise in degree. Never before have we seen the world so globally integrated and our fates are so intertwined with one another. Never before has it been so obvious that further integration of global communities needs to happen. There is too much disparity in the global system. This disparity is a tinderbox that is waiting for the right spark or example out there to burst into torrid flames. Our times are toxic; you can bet the smoke is gonna kill twice as much as the flames. Influence is like smoke, it goes everywhere it can. We cannot go back to the times before; we just can’t.

This is an Op-Ed piece.

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