A quick word on Masha Gessen’s Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Republicans, Trump supporters, and especially evangelicals do not care about fair elections and integrity, they care about abortions. It’s not about winning the presidency, its about overturning Roe V. Wade.

I wish the left and especially DEMs would take Masha Gessen’s insightful rules seriously. Claim: Republicans and Trump’s MAGA cult, and especially evangelicals, are following Masha Gessen’s rules to a T, and that’s why they seem to win in the long run. Plea: The left needs to play rough.

Rule #1Believe the autocrat. They believed through and through that Trump would support pro-life ideologies. They care not about this country or presidency; they care about the abolition of abortion rights. How many judges now? How long have they been waiting for this?

Rule #2Do not be taken in by small signs of normality. Every time the DEMS try to operate as normal and give the GOP the benefit of the doubt, the GOP in-return ups the anti. Every time. “No judge before elections… unless it is a judge who will overturn Roe V. Wade.” Nothing is normal to them, and everything is a new transaction and a chance to extort the other side.

Rule #3Institutions will not save you. The GOP knows this and will use a norm or policy to their advantage until they cannot and will then use passive-aggressiveness, which is the plaque that clogs institutional progress. Institutions will save institutions. This is said over and over again, but for years DEMS thought Bob Mueller was their savior. He limited himself and was as risk-averse as possible to protect an institution. Never forget that.

Rule #4Be outraged. This might be the most obvious. The GOP and MAGA are outraged about anything and everything. Their outrage is so oppressive and so incessant it is all anyone can talk about.

Rule #5Don’t make compromises. The GOP and MAGA never compromise, and if they do, they cheat in the end to have their way. They won’t compromise on abortion and will see this country burn to get it. They want it so much they can’t see the paradox in destroying the country they want to make do their bidding.

Rule #6Remember the future. For forty years now, since Reagan, evangelicals, Republicans, and Trump supporters have played a long game with the courts, public opinion, and norms in their attempt to overturn Roe V. Wade.

For four years now, the right’s leader has said what he wants and what he’ll do and offer to get it. It’s the left and MSM that hasn’t taken him at his word. When you hear people on the right say this isn’t about Trump or elections, it is about abortion, believe them, and believe they will destroy everything to get it.

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