About Kurtis

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

My professional interests and career revolves around anti-racism, DE&I, and restorative justice. I have experience facilitating dialogue that helps create a space where complex issues like bias, inequalities, and systemic racism are discussed. Click on contact under the ‘about Kurtis’ tab if you would like to hire me.

I served as an AmeriCorpsVISTA from 2018-2020; my host site is an adult literacy organization called Washtenaw Literacy. I gained a lot of experience being ingrained in a nonprofit for two years serving to elevate people through knowledge. I coordinated a volunteer-led adult education tutoring center held in a black-owned community center called the Community Family Life Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Along with coordinating, I developed and carried out a lot of workshops for tutors covering challenging topics in DE&I. In fact, it was through serving I realized I wanted to work in DE&I.

After finishing service, Dogwood Training was founded. Dogwood Training is committed to creating equitable communities through dialogue and relationships. Dogwood Training wants to help make the space for structured conversations about equity and inclusion within systems of power. As well as structured dialogue, Dogwood Training develops programs that maintain rich relationships and an inclusive environment. Think of DE&I training, but the outcome is achieved through dialogue that is facilitated instead of instructed.

My interests are mostly gardening and roller coasters. I have a big yard that is ever-changing and growing. I tend to like flowering shrubs the most, but keep monarch stations and plenty of pollinator plants. I love roller coasters, both riding and design. I use No Limits 2 for layout design, and Cedar Point is my home park.