About Kurtis

My professional interests and career revolves around anti-racism, DE&I, and restorative justice. I have experience facilitating dialogue that helps create a space where complex issues like bias, inequalities, and systemic racism are discussed.

I served as an AmeriCorpsVISTA from 2018-2020; my host site is an adult literacy organization called Washtenaw Literacy. I gained a lot of experience being ingrained in a nonprofit for two years serving to elevate people through knowledge. I coordinated a volunteer-led adult education tutoring center held in a black-owned community center called the Community Family Life Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Along with coordinating, I developed and carried out a lot of workshops for tutors covering challenging topics in DE&I. In fact, it was through serving I realized I wanted to work in DE&I. I will start 3rd round of national service in October 2021 as a resource coordinator for clients of a local homeless shelter.

I am also a video editor. I use Adobe products. My focus is on social justice and political-based videos that are nonfiction/found footage. I love editing dialogue and building narratives. I currently produce and edit a weekly web series on economics for a progressive organization. I hope to develop behind the camera skills in conducting and producing dialogue and narratives for documentaries.

My interests are mostly gardening and roller coasters. I have a big yard that is ever-changing and growing. I tend to like flowering shrubs the most, but keep monarch stations and plenty of pollinator plants. I love roller coasters, both riding and design. I use No Limits 2 for layout design, and Cedar Point is my home park.