This is Bananas

Painting title: This is Bananas by Kurtis Edwards

I am unhappy with where the Supreme Court is going and felt compelled to paint. I wanted to have a comic style but also nice reflections and use of color. The theme is mature, and I am not ashamed of that.

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A New Home

Painting title: A New Home by Kurtis Edwards

I wanted to paint a space scene. I ended up with a narrative around arriving at a new planet through a wormhole and what that solar system might look like right before the wormhole spits you out.

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Realizing Identity

Painting title: Realizing Identity by Kurtis Edwards

In this house on Manhattan Court, a little boy realizes he is different than the other little boys around him. My goal was to get better with lighting and composition. I think I overcomplicated the composition, but I was thoughtful in my approach. I feel it’s an experience thing that will improve along with the lighting. I also limited my color palette to a select amount of colors. I am pleased with the outcome and can see myself improving—much respect.

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Belle Isle

Painting Title; Belle Isle by Kurtis Edwards

Belle Isle is a captivating park on an island almost at the mouth of the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan. When Andy and I moved to Michigan, this is one of the first places we explored. It was amazing, from the conservatory, racing, and island itself, the place is magical. I hope I captured a Saturday in the park feel with this composition. I kept it to simple ink and minimal colors at 6×4 inches.

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