Detroit Streets

I wanted to convey a screenprint feeling and use some interesting color blocking. This is Capitol Park in Detroit, MI. While I could have painted more known areas of downtown Detroit, Capitol Park has always been a favorite place of mine.

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On my way to you

Painting title: On my way to you. by Kurtis Edwards

I imagined this as a young person landing in a big city to see their partner. The anticipation and energy they must feel. I have memories like this, but I was usually on a Greyhound bus. This is an earlier painting, and I was/am in the middle of developing skills in both painting and digital use. The shading is nice, and the reflections on the plane engine make me feel warm.

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Mackinac Skys

Painting title: Mackinac Skys by Kurtis Edwards

A trip to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan inspired me. This looks south across Lake Huron with Mackinac Island on one side and Saint Ignace on the other just after sunset. I tend to relate to the vastness of landscapes around a body of water. I was born in Hawaii, so being near water is important.

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