The Pearl of South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a photo essay that I constructed while taking Urban Geography as an undergraduate. I am presenting this now as a cultural piece showcasing this dynamic city. While I did miss the mark on the assignment in terms of the content covered, my professor stated this is an excellent cultural snapshot. However, I should have covered more geographical topics and information like industrial sectors and infrastructures. All in all, this represents my creativity with technology and geography. I am unsure of the exact date of completion but I believe I took Urban Geo Spring semester 2013.

Music is by the wonderful composer Thomas Newman, w/no infringements meant. This was constructed for educational purposes only. This video was wonderfully mastered and synced by Andrew Melichar

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Book Review: Motorcycle Diaries

I feel fortunate to have had my political and humanitarian awakening from my explorations into the words and thoughts of Ernesto Guevara. I do say with certainty that I might not agree with some of the violence that surrounds the atmosphere of “Che”. However, I was not in his position and have not had to make dire decisions as he has, so my perspective is different. The love Ernesto bled for people was the primary driving force of his future. The means he used do not properly describe who “Che” was. One must look first at the evolution and journey he took in Motorcycle Diaries.

As a young boy, I remember the life of Che and Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild) as two lives that used geography, cultural and physical, to profoundly change their morals. The loneliness and expanse of geography allows one to look into themselves for miles and miles. What is over that the horizon could be so endless and vague you have to look inward merely to take another step. Christopher McCandless used his journey for more selfish reasons whereas Ernesto used his encounters with profoundly suffering people to change the western hemisphere.

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