Portrait of Brianna Grier

Allegedly, in July of 2022, Brianna Grier died falling out of a moving police car while having a mental health breakdown. Since Brianna passed, I have been heartbroken for her twins and family but also reflecting on my struggle with mental health. Mental health needs compassion and empathy, not police and punishment. The brunch strokes are purposeful, but I completed them with empathy in mind. I want to keep the composition simple but filled with meaning. The color theme represents vastness and loneliness, but also kinetic energy found in warm orange tones.

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Portrait of Bob the Drag Queen

Painting title: Portrait of Bob the Drag Queen by Kurtis Edwards

Bob the Drag Queen is a legendary performer and personality. She is one of my favorite people. I kept the composition simple to focus on shading and facial dimensions. I paid close attention to not lightening her skin tone and respecting her heritage but also contrasting the gold dress and blue background.

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For the Likes

Painting title: For the Likes by Kurtis Edwards

Take it how you want. You either give everything to social media, or it takes everything from you. In the end, you are left naked and hollow. I wanted to make this a simple composition at its core. The image is more about the message. Times Square took forever to put together, I think the perspective is off just a bit. Overall, I think I did well with shading and depth. I am also improving on drawing/painting the human form. I wish I could trust in shapes and form and go a bit more abstract, but I think that will come with experience.

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Energetic Vibing

Painting title: Energetic Vibing by Kurtis Edwards

I wanted to work with red and surrealism. The reflections and shading are on point, in my opinion. Especially around the Dyson sphere. I wish I had focused more on the clouds and bubbles. Overall, the painting achieves what I hoped it would and feels like that person is floating on oil.

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