Policy plea/political Video Editing

A video produced for Real Progressives. I used animation and clips to form this production. It’s the first time I have used a lot of these tools. I am ok with it; I believe I created a narrative, environment, and emotion. The video editing skills will grow! It is not complete as it will get call-out graphics, branding, and elements for youtube and social media. I hope you like it and it makes ya think.

Federal Job Guarantee

Narration by Steve Grumbine of Real Progressive and Real Progress In Action.

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A quick word on Masha Gessen’s Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Republicans, Trump supporters, and especially evangelicals do not care about fair elections and integrity, they care about abortions. It’s not about winning the presidency, its about overturning Roe V. Wade.

I wish the left and especially DEMs would take Masha Gessen’s insightful rules seriously. Claim: Republicans and Trump’s MAGA cult, and especially evangelicals, are following Masha Gessen’s rules to a T, and that’s why they seem to win in the long run. Plea: The left needs to play rough.

Rule #1Believe the autocrat. They believed through and through that Trump would support pro-life ideologies. They care not about this country or presidency; they care about the abolition of abortion rights. How many judges now? How long have they been waiting for this?

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