The US Needs a Female President

After two nights of Democratic debates, what sticks around for me is that we need a female president to beat Trump in the 2020 US elections. While I am not ready to throw full-throated support at Elizabeth Warren, I do tend to sit comfortably in the progressive camp. It isn’t only Warren, though, who inspired my thoughts this morning after the second debate. It’s also Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and dare I say, Tulsi Gabbard. I am not saying we should support all of them, but they have given me hope for the 2020 US elections if Russia and China don’t hack them.

The Men

Their natural wit, even-tempered nature, and exhaustive intelligence appear to be unmatched compared to their male counterparts. Admittedly, Pete Buttigieg embodies these same qualities, but Pete, as a person and politician, seems suited for the Obama era as much as Biden and Booker. The rest of the men I am sure are competent and worthy, but too many of them make it hard for any of them to seem relevant. I know it is early, and many will drop out, but this is a reflection of the table now. Yeah, I also know Biden and Bernie have massive support and will be a tuff act to beat, and will make decent leaders. It is hard not to fall into a visceral desire for nostalgia when thinking of Biden, even Bernie to an extent. We all miss the warmth, family, and chance at inclusion that was the Obama era. Unfortunately, November 2016 changed everything and mos. def. made getting back to something like the Obama era a far off dream. The underside of America has awoken, and we’ll all perish if we keep wishing for nostalgia.

Warren and Harris

Warren can weave her numerous plans into the thread of her life story, which is something Bernie has never been able to do. Her natural ability to create those narratives makes you believe her sincerity. You don’t question if Warren will back you up. She can outpace Trump in substance while keeping the audience captivated with her middle-America personality and heritage. Kamala Harris can duke it out in a dogfight while holding on to the bigger picture. This has been shown time and time again when she cross-examines someone in a congressional hearing, and then in a brilliant display on the second night of debates. Warren and Harris represent the heart and identity of what it to be in ‘the left’ today. I know Harris is not a progressive, per se, but you can feel her carry on her shoulders every point of intersectionality women encompass today. I don’t think we’ve ever had a candidate like Harris.

Klobuchar and Gabbard

Amy Klobuchar has to be given respect for representing moderate Democrats quite well. I worry about the center of things, but she held her own and did it boldly. She is not ashamed of being a moderate and even has an air of pride about it. Like nostalgia, though, pride might have been an asset in the past, but lots of things have changed. The political power of the center does appear to be in decline, though. Tusli Gabbard gives me the most worry, and I tread lightly on my words about her. Taking away all the trappings that follow her, Tulsi would do very well in foreign policy. She has both the black box temperament of a diplomat and the decisiveness of those classic male leaders. I am sure this won’t sit well, but she reminds me of Hillary Clinton when it comes to foreign policy. And for the record, Clinton was incredibly useful at foreign policy and always has been. While I worry about Klobuchar and Gabbard, they are still inspiring.


We’ve got a load road ahead of us, and these opinion of mine will change but we need a female president. Post-debate, at this moment in time, I am inspired that female candidates are what I remember the most. I didn’t find myself wanting to hear from the men, aside from Booker and Buttigieg. Full disclosure, I am a gay man, and it does pain me that I can’t muster the same support of Buttigieg. He is even the same age as me. I find him light on substance. However, the library is not open, so don’t even try to read me. These feelings might also describe why it’s time for a female president. The female candidates are the ones who are inspiring us the most, they have real working plans (Warren does), and they have the temperament and persistence to lead this country and beat Donald Trump.

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