The Pearl of South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a photo essay that I constructed while taking Urban Geography as an undergraduate. I am presenting this now as a cultural piece showcasing this dynamic city. While I did miss the mark on the assignment in terms of the content covered, my professor stated this is an excellent cultural snapshot. However, I should have covered more geographical topics and information like industrial sectors and infrastructures. All in all, this represents my creativity with technology and geography. I am unsure of the exact date of completion but I believe I took Urban Geo Spring semester 2013.

Music is by the wonderful composer Thomas Newman, w/no infringements meant. This was constructed for educational purposes only. This video was wonderfully mastered and synced by Andrew Melichar

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Socially Awkward: Social Responsibility in a more Integrated world

As the world becomes more integrated globally, the divide in social wellbeing and sustainability grows. Current liberal ideologies within the global economy do not take into account the subtle and complex issues relating to the very people who operate the parts. As economies and industries grow and reorganize, labor is slacked off. The mere use of the word labor, one can argue, defocuses our thoughts on what labor actually is – people. National and international governing bodies seem unable or unwilling to properly maintain the wellbeing of its citizens. Exploitation of the international division of labor has effectively ushered in a global cast system, or less harshly an order of class. There are ways and thoughts that can be explored that address social responsibility. If the mere ideas of social responsibility are adopted, we can ensure the continuing supply of labor and possibly ease the awkwardness seen from a geographical perspective.  

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